10 Family Films to watch

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Because your only source for wholesome entertainment came from Clean Flicks, Feature Films for Families can easily fill that void.
Each mediocre production contains a moral lesson and has  content safe for the whole family to watch together.
Enjoy The V’s compilation of the ten best Feature Films for Families, based on their tag lines, because you know we have never seen this crap.

1. The Buttercream Gang: “As he struggles to help a friend overcome negative peer pressure, Scott begins to understand what it means to love unconditionally.”

2. Walking Across Egypt: “An elderly widow finds new meaning in life when she helps a troubled teenage boy who no one else wants.”

3. White Wolves: “A group of teenagers must face their individual weaknesses and discover their strengths to help each other and a pair of orphaned wolf cubs.”

4. Rigoletto: “When Bonnie goes to work for the disfigured Ribaldi, she softens his heart and learns the value of looking beyond appearances.”

5. The Secret: “Grandfather and Grandson must both face problems caused by dyslexia to bring understanding and forgiveness into their family.”

6. A Father’s Choice: “When Chris and Kelly are sent to live with their cowboy father they must all make tough choices to realize the love they can share as a family.”

7. A Lobster’s Tale: “A chunk of miraculous moss appears in Cody Brewer’s lobster trap upending Cody’s peaceful life as all his friends and neighbors vie for the use of it’s fantastic healing powers.”

8. Smile: “A teenager learns about her own value and courage when she reaches out to help a disfigured Chinese teen accept plastic surgery.”

9. Mickey: “A talented young little league pitcher learns the cost of dishonesty when his father’s legal problems give him a chance to play for one more season.”

10. Impossible Elephant: “Daniel’s wish on a star brings a fantastic baby elephant into the lives of Daniel and his father helping them rediscover hope.”

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