Plight of Utah’s Deaf Students, Part 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes After a corrective surgery, six-year-old Adam’s cochlear implant had broken. As an intern for the Utah Schools for the Deaf, I joined Adam on the rug for story time. When the teacher asked Adam in spoken English what color the turkey was, he looked around confused before looking to me. I signed COLOR, WHICH? Adam sat up and excitedly signed YELLOW. I responded RIGHT! … but when I looked up, I saw that I was in trouble. Apparently, I was forbidden to sign with Adam. His Individual Education Plan stated he must communicate using spoken English. His teacher kept him from recess to teach him how to say yellow. She made Adam touch her throat as she said a slow yeellloooww while his peers played outside for an hour.

UVUSA Recycling

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mother Teresa said, “I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” The Utah Valley Student Association certainly agrees. Waste management is an issue facing our campus. As an institution, UVU is rapidly expanding with nearly 30,000 students enrolled.

The dead speak to illuminate an ancient culture

Reading Time: 3 minutes Professor Haagen Klaus revolves a ceramic pot in his hands depicting the gruesome Moche sacrificial process of throat slitting, dripping blood and ritual imbibing. “Here is the sacrificial process in all of its brutal glory,” Klaus said. ” We aren’t sensationalizing ritual killing, but aiming to understand the people.

Top 10 reasons it’s awesome to be a Senior in a sea of Freshmen

Reading Time: < 1 minutes 10. You know Hollister clothing was cool in high school and frosted tips still look stupid. 9. Seniors have realized that you can call your teacher Bill and not Professor. 8. You know the location of every hot tub in Orem / Provo, closing times, how to get into the closed ones and you effectively hop all of them every night.

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Those who have been in Utah valley for the past decade or so have heard in one way or another about edited movies. Often called “clean” or “moral” movies, they are meant to take the place of the alleged filth distributed by the Hollywood elite. Two local filmmakers decided to start filming the heyday that developed after filmmakers sued the companies that edited their films, and ended up with some impressive footage showcasing the rise and fall of the edited movie empire.

Take 6 takes the stage on Labor Day

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s okay to admit it. A cappella is pretty damn cool. Take 6 is one of America’s most famous modern a cappella groups, incorporating jazz, R&B, soul, pop and gospel into their extensive repertoire. If that’s not enough guilty pleasure for you, consider that they’re basically a boy band.

Amateur filming for dummies

Reading Time: 2 minutes To modify a line from my old pal Shakespeare (he and I go way back), I’d like to begin my little piece here with a personal quote (we writers can do that) “All the world’s a studio and all the men and women are merely actors and actresses.” This little quote is becoming more and more of a reality in our lives, thanks to such modern phenomena as YouTube; pocket sized, High-Def video cameras and Taco Bell’s late night “Fourth Meal” option.

Tell me a story

Reading Time: < 1 minutes From the “Once upon a time…” beginnings of childhood to the “… and that’s when she broke up with me,” endings that are all too familiar to college students, nothing engages the imagination like a good story. We can’t avoid them – stories are the basis for everything from movies to job applications.

The valley guide

Reading Time: 5 minutes Editor’s pick of the week: For a romantic experience, check out the Full Moon Lift Ride at Sundance Resort. The event will be held Sept. 3, 4, and 5 from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults, $6 for kids and children 5-years-old and under are free.