Author: Greg Wilcox

Battles in the park

“A lot of the preparation is a mental thing. I have to just stop and get mentally ready for it and get excited, and that’s a daily thing,” Kelik says. Kelik, who is dressed as a medieval squire, is telling me about his preparation process for battle. The battle he refers to is known as Battleguard (not to be confused with LARP), and is held every Thursday night at North Park in Provo.

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Food for unconscious motivation

Food. Alimento. Nourriture. ????. Grub. Sorry, I just thought listing food in other languages would make a killer intro; it really has nothing to do with the content of this article. I also find grub to be a funny word. The real subject at hand is focused on food and psychology.

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Farewell, Mode Boutique

Mode Boutique, Provo’s only high-end fashion store, represented a mecca of style within the downtown area. But, as Mode co-owner Becca Neely states, business-as-usual stopped going so well. “Business just died. People weren’t spending money, and when they were it wasn’t on full priced items, so our margins dropped way low.

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