Student Government (UVUSA suggestion box

Student Government (UVUSA) will be selecting comments and concerns to answer in the UVU Review. If you would like to leave us feedback, please locate a suggestion box, speak with us at a Student Forum in the first week of February, or visit us in our office in SC 105.

News briefs

Campus News The real “Rain Man” to visit UVU With more than 9,000 books memorized, Kim Peek, the inspiration for Dustin Hoffman’s character in the Oscar award-winning movie Rain Man, will be at Utah Valley University to share his unique ability this coming Monday.

Student job market declining

Due to the current economic situation, students are finding it increasingly difficult to find jobs on campus as well as within the community. Laura Carlson, UVU Student Employment Manager, said that there are two main contributors to this problem: first, there are more students competing for the same number of jobs and second, there is a lack of available jobs on campus and in the community.

Turning point of new U.S. presidency

With Barack Obama recently sworn into office as the new U.S. President, a panel of Utah professors will be at Utah Valley University discussing the topic of “New Presidency: A Turning Point in History?” on Feb. 3 from 10 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. at Center Stage in the Sorensen Student Center.

How to find a president

By the end of February, UVU could have a new president. There are currently four finalists being explored and recommended to the Board of Regents, the group that coordinates with higher education and postsecondary institutions statewide. Here’s how the process generally works: * First, put out an ad.

Police blotter

Jan. 16 – DISORDLY CONDUCT – UVU Police responded to a report of a fight at College Drive in Orem. Officers arrived on the scene and found a male and female arguing while standing in the middle of the road. Both were charged with disorderly conduct. Jan. 21 – MEDICAL – A UVU maintenance employee fell off a ladder while working alone in the Administration Building at around 2:30 a.

Shuttle bus route often not meeting needs

The campus bus shuttle system has introduced seven new stops to the previous route, which had only one stop. With the new additions, one would expect it to be much easier to get around campus; however, many students feel the change was not an improvement. In a recent poll of 100 students, 64 said they feel that instead of just being dropped off at the Sorensen Student Center, they now simply end up waiting for the bus out in the cold.

UVU does “Do the Dew”

Mountain Dew makes this institution unique in that it is the most popular flavored drink on campus, with 1880 cases of Mountain Dew consumed last year. In fact, it is the preferred flavored beverage over Pepsi, 7Up, and Dr. Pepper among all the 55 beverage vending machines on campus.

Student benefits gained from volunteer service

Hundreds of students walk right past SC101 every day without a second glance. Others are familiar with the programs offered there, and many have helped our community by participating in the blood drives and food drives they regularly organize. But there are few students who have taken advantage of the volunteer opportunities that can help their degrees.

Rally for the future

Hundreds of students from universities across the state rallied the State Capitol Jan. 30 due to proposed state legislature budget cuts to higher education. Jackson Olsen, executive vice president of Utah State University’s student government association, emceed the event by introducing members of the legislature supporting the cause of protesters.