Britnee Nguyen

UTA Ed Pass program

Students always hear how riding the bus can help the environment, lower campus parking problems, and save money. But how many of them have embraced the notion and bought a bus pass?

Voting on Super Tuesday

Students have the chance to have a voice by voting in Utah’s presidential primary elections on Feb 5 also known as Super Tuesday. On Feb 4 and 5, student government will have a table in the student center hall to help any of those who are unsure on how to go vote.

Redesigned citizenship test announced

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced on Sept. 27 a new, redesigned naturalization test. The cost to redesign the current test was $6.5 million.Over the past year, a test pilot consisting of 142 questions was randomly distributed to 10 districts in the country, where 6,000 citizenship applicants volunteered to test the pilot.

Easy win against Utes

Knocking in one goal after another, Utah Valley was able to beat the University of Utah 13-1 in its second game of the season.  Although it was apparent that the game was going downhill for the Utes, the Utah Valley players still played their hardest on the ice.