Celebrating unique field station

The Capital Reef Field Station, an eight year-long project completed last October, will be recognized in a celebration held at Center Stage in the Sorensen Student Center Thursday, Feb. 19 at 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Alongside giveaways and a performance commemorating the field station completion, the celebration will also provide opportunities and information for students to become involved.

Institute’s Friday’s devotionals open to all

The LDS Orem Institute of Religion adjacent to the UVU Campus holds weekly Friday devotionals at noon where students gather in the North Chapel to hear messages of inspiration. Every Friday devotional is open to all UVU students, faculty, and staff, as well as anyone else who would like to attend.

Interfaith Student Association brings diversity to campus

Students at Utah Valley University may easily assume that their neighbors in class or fellow group members share their same religious faith. Let’s be honest, they are probably right. However, just because this area is partially defined by a homogeneous religious environment doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t experience what isn’t familiar.

Kickboxing champion studying at UVU

Kickboxing champion of Central Asia, Azamat Umarzoda of Tajikistan, is now one of the newest members of Utah Valley University’s student body. Umarzoda, who transferred to UVU this semester, is currently studying ESL at UVU and training in Orem for his next kickboxing competition.


Since the first publication of Touchstones in the fall of 1997, students whose works of poetry, prose, art and photography were selected earned bragging rights, token prizes and padded resumes and grad school applications. But now, as if those weren’t enough, for a select few, regional and possibly national acclaim may be added to that list.

The week of love

Valentine’s day is coming up on Saturday, and until then students are sure to be bombarded from every avenue with hearts, naked babies with wings, chocolate, and flowers. For some, this week is an ethereal time, devoted to love. And you know we love love. For others, Valentine’s day is just a reminder that you’re alone, with happy couples shoving their collective joy in your forsaken face.

Say it with flowers

Nothing says “I love you” or “I care about you” like a copious bouquet of flowers – especially around Valentine’s Day. If you decide to give flowers to a loved one this holiday, be sure to not be one of those last minute buyers waiting in line at the flower shop, scrambling to procure the leftovers.

Where the University stands

by David Hatchett Eight months after officially becoming a University, UVU Interim President Elizabeth Hitch discussed the school’s budget, programs, goals, building additions, awards and the general wellbeing of UVU to a nearly full audience at the Ragan Theater.

Embrace your inner killjoy

Unrequited or otherwise, we victims of love are much maligned. For malcontents and those who prefer doing more than sitting at home complaining about being single, here are some ideas to find contentment on a day when lovers remind us that we don’t have it.