Author: Chandler Christensen

UVU needs a victim’s advocate

By McKhelyn Jones | Copy Editor Kimberly Bojorquez | Editor-in-Chief UVU Student Affairs has requested funding for a victim’s advocate through the university’s Planning, Budgeting, and Assessment process; however, the status of the request will not be revealed until April 2018. If approved, the position will be filled by July 1, 2018. Student Affairs, the Equal Opportunity Office and Affirmative Action, UVU police, Student Health Services and the Orem City’s Victim’s Advocate Office are working together to request a grant from the Department of Justice’s Office for Violence Against Women. This is the fourth year in a row that...

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Darwin Day: not just for biologists

Photo credit: Jeanette Blain | News Editor | [email protected] The Biology Department held its annual Darwin Day celebration Feb. 10 to honor Charles Darwin and remind students of the importance of evolution. UVU, along with hundreds of universities and entities around the world, honored the “Father of Evolution” with displays in the Science Atrium, a keynote speaker, and birthday cake. Heath Ogden, biology professor and co-organizer of the event, said the Biology Department decided that celebrating Darwin Day annually brings to light the importance of evolution for everyone, not just biologists. “We understand disease better because we understand evolution,”...

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Capsule provides new GI tract testing method

Researchers developed a device for measuring gases, potentially changing how we study the digestive system. Based out of Melbourne, the RMIT University team created a pill-sized capsule designed to measure concentrations of specific gases inside the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract). A study was published as a “proof-of-concept demonstration,” meaning that the goal was to show that the device could work in the way that they designed it. Other capsules capable of measuring pH levels or equipped with cameras have already been introduced but this device is the first of its kind. This capsule, enclosed inside a gas-permeable membrane, is...

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