Bret Meisenbach

A film carried by the actors

Reading Time: 2 minutes On Dec. 25 a large chunk of the population celebrates Christmas. Many do this by going to the movies. One of the millions of films released on the Christian holiday is Doubt, pulling viewers in using an all-star cast: Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Capote, Boogie Nights), Meryl Streep (Kramer Vs.

Let The Right One In

Reading Time: < 1 minutes In 2008 one of the most amazing vampire movies ever made was released. The film, of course, is the Norwegian production “Let The Right One In.” The film is so beautifully filmed, directed, written, photographed, and acted that it could be watched every day for a month and still be needed.

Vintage movies

Reading Time: 4 minutes The sci-fi odyssey Dune, based on the novel by Frank Herbert, has garnered acclaim from respected critics and nerds alike since its release in 1984. Whether the success is because of a groundbreaking score by Brian Eno and the band Toto (seriously), the cult following for anything director David Lynch does, or the overall brilliance of the story itself, Dune is a film that should be watched by everyone at least twice a year and on birthdays.