Winter beauty 101

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It’s no secret that winter is the toughest beauty season, but these products will alleviate the damage and revitalize your look till spring arrives.

1. Clarisonic Mia- $125

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Available at Nordstrom, Dillard’s and Ulta.

The source of dry skin starts with how you wash your face. Though it may be more money upfront, a Clarisonic is a worthy investment. It uses sonic technology to cleanse your pores, which cleans six times deeper than a hand cloth. It opens up your pores, allowing moisture to penetrate deeper than normal. This allows your skin to remain more hydrated throughout the day and for longer periods of time. The device makes between 200-300 movements per second, which if used for one minute a day, the Clarisonic decreases wrinkles, aging and removes dead skin you didn’t know was there.

2. Kate Somerville, Gentle Daily Wash- $32.00 4 FL OZ


Available at 

After mastering your washing method, the cleanser is the second biggest decision. Many people go for easy buys with exfoliating beads, but those can make your skin even dryer. This gentle wash has subtle notes of lavender, soapbark tree extract and contains natural saponins, which protect your skin from damage. The wash is formulated to remove pore-clogging oil and make up. It is also sulfate-free and non-irritating to sensitive skin. Rub a dime size on a Clarisonic for the full effect, morning and night.

3. Kiehl’s, Ultra Facial Cream -1.7 FL OZ, $26.50


Available at Kiehl’s stores and online.

Once your face is washed and cleansed, the moisturizer you select is vital. This is where the majority of your replenishment is coming from. The Ultra Facial Cream is a 24-hour light-textured daily hydrator. It works to reduce moisture while drawing and absorbing moisture from the air. The product is not tested on animals and Kiehl’s guarantees success. “We’re confident that you will see healthier revitalized skin in 28 days. Guaranteed or your money back,” according to Kiehl’s website. Make sure to rub as much as you need after the cleansing process and before bed.

4. Bare Minerals, Active cell renewal night serum- 1 FL OZ $50.00


Available at Bare Minerals stores and online.  

Although in the spring and summer you may need nothing more than a reliable moisturizer, winter is much different. A hydrating serum is essential to help your face recover from the harsh, dry months. Apply only at night after moisturizing and distribute just a couple drops across your face. This formula helps to maximize cellular renewal and hydrates skin overnight. It will supercharge your cells so they are protected during the day and night.

5.  MAC, Mineralize charged water revitalizing energy- 3.4 FL OZ $23.00


Available at MAC, Nordstrom, Macy’s.

Now your skin can rest perfectly overnight because you have taken care of it so well. The next morning, however, you are still having problems. That’s when this mineralize charged water spray tops off the process. Apply before and after your moisturizer in the morning. It helps your moisturizer seep in even deeper to pores and then helps maximize all the hard work you put into your face for the day. It has refreshing green tea and citrus fragrance. Just spray as needed a few inches away from your face every morning and it will keep the dryness away.

6. Loreal Mythic Oil- Nourishing Oil- 4.2 FL OZ $23.95


Available at

So, now that your face care is entirely covered, your hair may also need work because it has also been suffering dryness damage. People spend large sums of money on many products to repair hair, but you just need one. Mythic Oil works for all hair types since its main ingredients are avocado oil and grape seed oil. It gives you long lasting shine and frizz protection. Just apply the amount you feel you need every night before bed. Add it to your skincare routine as the last step. It will help your hair become strong so it can resist brittleness and break-offs that occur so often in these dark months.


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