We all know that there are so many benefits of going to UVU. We have a beautiful campus, devoted teachers, and a unique sense of commodore.

Another one of the perks that some students forget about is what an amazing gym UVU has in the SL building. The plentiful weights and machines alone are enough to get excited about. There are enough machines that you’ll hardly ever have to wait for the one you want to use. Also, there are personal trainers, an indoor climbing wall, an indoor track, clean locker rooms, dance rooms, and basketball courts. You can check out a ball at the front desk, along with other equipment you
might need.

One major perk is that they provide daily fitness classes! That means that when you have a gap in your classes, you can head to yoga for zen time, or Zumba for some fun with friends. You could even take a spin class to burn calories along with many other classes! UVU tries to organize events that will apply to many of the interests of students. Students are encouraged to join intramural sports leagues.

This way, students can play what they enjoy and can also develop new friendships with people who have shared interests. The cost of the gym is included in tuition for all full-time students. Unfortunately, health is a thing that can tend to take a backseat when you’re a college student. There is so much to juggle that it can be hard to balance it all. There are classes on how to maintain good health or sign up for groups to do physical activities (such as hiking).

It is important to manage your time so that you can still take care of your physical and emotional needs. The gym can be a place to exercise and stay healthy but also a great place to go when you need to manage your stress.

College students who visit their campus gyms are more likely to succeed in the classroom, according to data from Purdue University.

Head to the gym in the campus recreation center and find out why you rec.

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