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The first date is often referred to as “the biggest lie.” We are expected to be on our best behavior whether it is true to our character or not. Recognizing the standard and realizing its absurdity will result in more second dates, or more to the point, more booty.

I asked a group of UVU and BYU students what they considered to be good first date etiquette. I got quite a few answers but they can really all be summed up into three main points:

The first is chivalry; it is not dead. Everyone I interviewed agreed on this. Men, do not text a girl to ask her on a date; call her. Likewise, do not call or text your date telling her you’ve arrived at her house. And don’t you dare honk

for her to come out. Get off your ass and walk to the door to get her. You should also open the door for your date as well as pay for any meals or activities.

Ladies, be grateful for this meal that has been provided for you. Don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu and do not leave an unfinished meal. I’m sure your date would rather you take home leftovers than leave a half- eaten meal he just bought you.

The second is presentation. Do not show up smelling like the local rodeo or an Abercrombie & Fitch store. There
is a happy medium and it’s called a shower and deodorant. Your bottle of cologne/perfume is not bug spray and you are not on a camping trip. One spray is sufficient.

Lastly, and I feel like I shouldn’t have

to say this, brush your teeth. Actually, brush them twice. When someone else is going to be breathing the same air you’re breathing for an entire night, you owe it to them to have nice breath.

The third and final point is be interactive and reciprocate. If your date compliments you, compliment them back. Be conscious of your conversational skills. Make sure you are asking as many questions as you are answering. Being interactive includes leaving your phone in your pocket. Respect your date and their time by staying off your phone.

At this time I would like to employ the rules for texting and driving to texting and dating; it can wait! This is also where the infamous post-date text should be mentioned. Ladies, a post-

date text should always be sent even if you’re not interested in a second date. If you are interested in a second date, specify by saying something like “we should get together again”.

But here’s the thing. First and foremost, you should be yourself. If at any point reading this article you thought, “I would never do that thing I’m supposed to do” then don’t do it. Nothing is worse than realizing three or four dates down the road that the person you went on a first date with is not the person you are presently with.

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