How to love yourself

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Now that midterms are over and we are well into the spring semester, our optimistic attitude from January has worn off. You might have lost track of your goals like keeping a perfect attendance at school or eating healthier. This, on top of the stress of being a college student with outside obligations, might have you a little disappointed in yourself. Here are a few tips to get you thinking more positive.

Do something you love every day

Make time to do something that you love every day, even if it is something small like singing along to your favorite song in your car. Take a minute to be in the moment. It can be writing a blog post, going for a walk, getting ice cream with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, etc. The possibilities are endless. This will give you a sense of purpose and remind you that life is meant to be enjoyed.

Find a mantra

If you are feeling down about yourself, find a mantra that resonates with you and say it to yourself in the mirror every day until you believe it. It can be something as general as “I am grateful for what I have,” or “I am beautiful,” or it can be more personalized. These positive affirmations will instantly put you in a happier state of mind.


Take time out of your schedule to just relax and pamper yourself. Plan to go to bed an hour earlier than usual. Give yourself a facial or get a massage. You will be much more productive and easier to work with when you are well-rested and less stressed.

Evaluate and get back in the race

If there are goals that you gave up on, now is the time to evaluate what you did wrong, what you can do better and get back to achieving those goals. Start today; start now. Don’t give yourself time to forget about your goals again. Make a plan to move forward with what you want to achieve.

Practice a healthy lifestyle

When you are taking care of your body, your body takes care of you. Eating right and exercising will give you energy. Meditation is another great way to help clear your mind of the negativity that you might be imposing on yourself.Life can get crazy sometimes. It can feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that you need to. Yet, we need to take care of ourselves because we need our minds and bodies to reach our potential. You are the only you in this world, so don’t forget to love yourself.

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