Hale Centre Theatre showcases incredible talent with “Molly Brown”

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Hale Centre Theatre knows how to put on a show with “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”

Running from Aug. 29 to Oct. 18 of this year, Hale Centre Theatre presents a brilliant rendition of the 1964 film, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” With incredible live music, dance numbers, clever set work and impeccable timing on all parts, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” is for all theatre-going fans looking for a night of fun. 

Presented by director and choreographer Dave Tinney, the ensemble cast of “Molly Brown” has worked hard under his guidance. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday performances, firecracker and wonderfully talented Maryn Tueller, acts as the titular character – a real-life American socialite and philanthropist who survived the sinking of the Titanic. 

“The whole experience almost doesn’t feel real,” Tueller wrote via Instagram. “I have to pinch myself to remind me it is! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to play such a remarkable person, but it’s made even more special by the remarkable and talented people that made this show happen.” Tueller’s incredible acting brings to life the legacy of Molly Brown and her voice fills the theatre with clear precision and life. She plays Molly with her whole heart and soul, with acute attention to detail even when the audience’s eyes are on other characters.

Acting opposite the powerhouse heroine is Kaden Caldwell as J.J Brown (for Monday, Wednesday and Friday performances) – handyman, miner and romantic. Caldwell’s J.J is earnest and real, the actor bringing a level of humanity to a character that is refreshing and unique. This is not to mention his powerful singing voice. He paints a picture of a progressive leader and hard-working, devoted husband – often cracking jokes that had the audience in stitches. The show follows the two character’s meeting and inevitable romance, which starts out all insult and annoyance but morphs into true adoration. Tueller and Caldwell made the audience swoon with their portrayal of the couple who met simultaneous difficulty and success on screen, stage and in real life. 

The entire cast, with members like Will Ingram, Dale Hoopes, Kenichi Nakashima, Justin Bills, Jason Baldwin, Alan Babcock, Ben Roeling, Roberto Fernandez, MaKenna Tinney, Julie Silvestro, Heather White, Emma Bergman, Brandalee Bluth Streeter and Mckelle Shaw, proved there is truth to the idiom “dancing [and singing] their hearts out.” The choreography is upbeat and entirely engaging, almost as though the audience could stand up and join in with the numbers. The stage rises and falls with splendid, detailed and riveting set designs that include a mine, country home, wealthy manor and even the lifeboats of the Titanic.

Over the years, Hale Centre has put on incredible productions, but “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” really provides a level of non-stop energy and vivacity that seems as though it would be difficult to produce every other night. The actors give it their all, night after night, creating a captivating and heartwarming story. All would be wise to attend a show at Hale Centre, at least once, but with “Molly Brown” being on stage until Oct. 29, this is an opportunity to seize as soon as possible!

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