Utah Valley lacrosse rules Las Vegas

The Utah Valley University lacrosse team successfully dominated the MCLA Vegas Full House tournament in Las Vegas Feb. 19-20. After three games the Wolverines emerged number one with an accumulative score of 53-29.

Utah Valley played Western Washington in their first game of the season. The end of the first half brought a score of 9-6 with UVU being down three points.

“The first half of the game was a learning experience,” stated coach Kevin Perkins. “The team was learning to play again.”

After adjustments were made the team was able finish the game with a victorious score of 15-10.

“Everything happened as expected”, said Perkins.

Though they struggled in the beginning, the team moved on without so much as a glance back as they demolished the remaining two teams.

Next the team played Cal State Fullerton, which Perkins claimed was a great opportunity for the 19 freshmen on the team to get up to speed. They won with a final score of 16-10.

The Championship game was played against Western Oregon. By this time the team was meshing well and playing perfectly. There was no competition as the Wolverines remained tournament leaders in an ending score of 22-9.

According to Claudio Pacchiega, a senior defensive player, Utah Valley was by far the most in-shape team at the tournament. “Perkins made sure of that during practices,” said Pacchiega.

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