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Adam Cichoski | Sports writer | @AdamCichoski

Another unpredictable week in fantasy football and more crazy results as teams continue to have good games and some have great games.

Game of the week recap:

After going 7-0 to start the season, the Las Vegas Locos (7-1) had reason to be nervous about playing the No. 2 seed Mr. Sports Editor (6-2). They were projected to score the same amount of points, and both rosters were solid. The Locos week got started poorly with a weak performance from Ryan Tannehill in a Thursday night matchup against the Patriots. After scoring 30 fantasy points last week, he only scored 11 this week. With outstanding performances from Todd Gurley, Stefon Diggs, and Julio Jones the Locos felt like this game was a win. On the other side of the ball, Mr. Sports Editor benefitted from a monster performance by Drew Brees. He didn’t have Drew Brees, but he did have his two top receivers on Sunday, Benjamin Watson and Willie Snead, who combined for 54 points. Going into Monday, Locos were up but had no one up to play and Editor had Frank Gore and Panthers Defense, who played just well enough to push past the Locos. The Las Vegas Locos suffered their first loss of the season to Mr. Sports Editor, 140-133.

Slammin Fortes (4-4) just can’t seem to catch a break. This week he was the favorite against Team Morin (3-5), but things didn’t go his way again. With Andy Dalton struggling in Pittsburgh, and Matt Forte and Steve Smith Sr. going down with injuries, his powerful roster was choked by bad luck. Team Morin struggled as well, but with C.J Anderson finding his legs again,and Brandin Cooks going off with Drew Brees’ historic day, Team Morin managed to find a way to win. Team Morin picks up their third win of the season, 74-61.

Speaking of teams who can’t catch a break, Breesus King of the Drews (3-5) has to be the highest scoring 3-5 team ever seen fantasy football. This week they went up against the resurgent Victory Formation. Drews got a monster game from OBJ who nearly scored 40 points. A huge game from Heath Miller and Phillip Rivers and Drews found himself well over the 100-point mark. Formation loves having Alshon Jeffery back from injury as Jeffery scored 27 points, while A.J Green scored 28. Chiefs Defense and Adam Vinatieri combined for 32 points, which is much more than you’d expect from a defense and kicker. Drews was up, but Vinatieri’s heroics late Sunday night gave Formation the victory, 132-125.

Eazy G (4-3-1) has looked solid the past few weeks, while on the other hand Here so I Don’t Get Fined (2-6) has been on a bad losing streak. Fined had a great game from Joe Flacco and a solid output from Marshawn Lynch. Kai Forbath saw the field a lot in the crazy shootout that happened in New Orleans, giving Fined good points for a kicker. Eazy G’s kicker Justin Tucker reeled in 20 points. A multiple touchdown day from Julian Edelman as well as Greg Olsen having another big game helped Eazy G keep rolling and Fined to keep falling as Eazy G wins this one, 131-75.

Similar to Eazy G, Poff for America (3-4-1) has really turned their season around while Amazing St. Patrick’s (3-5) has never been an easy win for opposing teams, despite their record. Patricks got the points he needed from Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, and Patriots Defense. Aaron Rodgers had an extremely disappointing night though, only scoring 6 fantasy points. Poff’s quarterback on the other hand, Carson Palmer, put up a whopping 32 fantasy points. With 20+ point games from Demaryius Thomas and DeAndre Hopkins, Poff took this one without too much trouble, 118-89.

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