UVU partners with The Bradley Center to provide grief support

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Nate Dunn | Staff Writer


UVU has partnered with The Bradley Center for Grieving Children and Families. Together they will provide support, counseling, and guidance to those who are suffering and struggling with the loss of a loved one through faith and religious principles. Working in tandem, the partnership will provide interfaith dialogue to all persons seeking healing and support. The partnership is directly related to the directive of UVU’s Interreligious Engagement Initiative, a goal to bridge interfaith discussion and healing through all channels.

The partnership will become a place where people can attend social events and build friendships. When the grieving process begins, having others who have experienced similar loss helps create a bond where those affected can rely on each other to overcome their grief. Learning how to pick up the pieces and move on can become a major obstacle. This partnership helps guide and sustain those looking for emotional and spiritual assistance.

The Bradley Center for Grieving Children and Families was created in 2011 by Carrie Moore and Janice Taylor in South Jordan. Both women lost their husbands in a commercial plane accident. The center has focused on providing families, and children, a culture of support while grieving. With the addition of UVU providing a venue for discussion and dialogue, the center can continue to assist those in need of grief counseling.

“With the University, we’re providing a chance for students to work through their grief in healthy ways so they are free to focus their energy on making critical life choices that will affect them far into the future. As they [the students] work together, they build a bridge of mutual respect for their differences of faith and belief,” said Moore.

Grief can be felt in many ways, most notably when a close friend or relative passes. By partnering with the university and expanding the mission of grief counseling, children and families can learn how to cope with traumatizing events, build resilience, and cope with loss while maintaining their social and personal functionality. Such a loss can become crippling for some, as those affected may struggle with depression, extreme sadness, or loneliness. Having an environment to speak about the events and creating a system of support will help with healing after a loss.

Group meetings are held every other Saturday in the Continuing Education Building. The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 7. Anyone interested in getting involved in the program as a facilitator or attendant may contact Grace Chou at [email protected]. For more information, contact The Bradley Center at [email protected] or call 801-302-0220.

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