Summer assistance now available

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For the first time, students will be eligible to receive financial aid awards while attending one or both summer blocks. This is not the only summer it will be available either.

“We’ve known for a couple years it was coming, we just didn’t know when,” said Angela Perkins, assistant director of financial aid counseling. “Most students would receive just enough to help with fall and spring, but now there is additional Pell Grant money available for the summer as well.”

The university receives money from the government to distribute to students who need assistance paying for college in the fall and spring, but will finally be able to make those funds available to students taking classes during the summer.

Students will continue to be able to seek financial aid awards in the summer from here on out. And with enrollment up 79 percent for Fall 2010, financial aid is going to be a big help to many students.

Most students are eligible for some sort of financial assistance whether it be work study, student loans or scholarships. There are also various other types of aid available to students, most of which are determined by family income and the cost of tuition. Federal grants are awards that students do not have to pay back. The more common grants include Pell, SEOG and LEAP, which are all funded by state and federal programs.

To find out more information or to ascertain eligibility, visit Financial Aid & Scholarships online at or visit the department on campus in BA 105.

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