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Suspicious Persons:

May 6- Officers received reports of a suspicious man in the PE Building. The reports indicated that the man had a pistol in the waistband of his pants. Police reported to the building and performed routine checks. After finding the man with an unconcealed firearm, officers escorted him out of the building and referred him to the University’s firearm policy.

May 14- At 2 a.m., an officer on patrol noticed a suspicious vehicle in lot M25. The officer spoke with the individuals inside the vehicle and gave them a trespass warning.

May 14- Police were asked to respond to reports of a man threatening to kill his roommate. Officers arrived and transported the man who made the threats to the hospital without incident.

Drone Crash:

May 11- A drone crashed into the top of the PE Building. Police were asked to report to the location and took pictures of the damages. The drone was then released to officials to be returned to the owner.


May 11- A woman contacted police to report that her purse and cellphone had been stolen from Wal-Mart. Police tracked the phone to a home in Orem, where they recovered the stolen items and arrested the individual who had taken them.




May 14- Police are investigating a theft at a local pharmacy. A woman reached over the counter and stole some prescription medication meant for another customer. The incident was captured on video surveillance.

Under the Influence:

May 15- A woman was arrested for DUI after being involved in a traffic accident 800 S 400 W. Upon investigation, she was also charged with possession of Cocaine and Xanax.

May 15- After an officer performed a search on a vehicle for not having insurance, a police dog detected some heroin in the vehicle. Both the driver and passenger were arrested on various charges.

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