Police blotter

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Photo credit: Tiffany Frandsen

Photo credit: Tiffany Frandsen

Sarah Roberts | Staff Writer | @itssarah_sr




Traffic Accident:

July 29- An officer on patrol noticed an accident at the intersection of University Parkway and Sandhill Road. The officer assisted in controlling traffic and checking the passengers for injuries. The Orem Police finished clearing the scene when they arrived.

Aug. 1- A witness observed a truck back into a motorcycle, knocking it down. Two men got out of the truck and set the bike upright again before leaving. It is suspected the truck could be from the construction crews working on campus. The motorcycle received only minor damages, and police are investigating the matter further before officially classifying it as a hit and run incident.



Aug. 3- A man was caught shoplifting from a store. Local police were far away when the theft occurred, so a UVU officer responded to assist in detaining the shoplifter. After the officer stopped the man trying to leave in his vehicle, the local police arrived with a police dog to investigate the situation. Their search results yielded an illegal substance, and they arrested the man.





Under the Influence:

Aug. 3- An intoxicated man hit a parked car near 40 W and 400 N. After being medically cleared at a local hospital, he was arrested for DUI and taken to county jail.

Aug. 3- After stopping a car, an officer discovered the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The passenger lied about his name in an attempt to hide that he currently had outstanding warrants. Both the driver and the passenger were arrested, the driver for possession of marijuana and the passenger for warrants.


Traffic Accident:

Aug. 4- A driver on 800 North crossed into oncoming traffic and went over a curb into the Macey’s parking lot. He hit a tree and two medians in the parking lot before coming to a stop in a grassy area near State Street. Medics tended to the man. The initial cause of accident is unknown.