Police blotter

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Sarah Roberts | Staff Writer | @itssarah_sr





May 1- A recently terminated UVU employee returned to campus and illegally took possession of a UVU generator. Police opened a case and are investigating the matter further.

May 1- An officer patrolling a UVU baseball game was notified of a suspicious man lurking in the opposing team’s locker room. The officer was unable to locate the man, but was informed that some money was stolen from one of the players.

May 4- Police responded to the report of a stolen vehicle. Officers met with the individual who filed the report and discovered that the vehicle had not been stolen, but was moved by a friend to a new location. No further action was taken.



May 2- An officer spoke with a man concerning some suspicious emails regarding drug exchanges that were being sent to the man’s friend. The officer answered all of the man’s questions and referred him to the proper authorities as the incident did not occur on UVU campus.



May 4- While training in the McKay Education building, a police academy student accidentally fired a round from a handgun in a classroom. The bullet hit another student, causing superficial wounds to his arm and upper body. Orem paramedics arrived and transported the man to the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center for treatment.




Child Abuse:

May 6- An officer responded to reports of two children being neglected. Upon investigation, the officer found that one of the children had been at a neighbor’s house for hours and the mother had no idea where her child was. After a call to DCFS, the children were removed from the home due to poor living conditions and the mother was arrested for child neglect.


Under the Influence:

May 11- Police received reports of two men near Starbucks who seemed to be impaired. When an officer arrived, he found one of the men had been driving and hit a curb in the University Mall parking lot. Further investigation revealed that the man had taken medication. He was arrested for DUI.

May 12- After arguing with his family, a man in Orem turned some pot-brownies over to police in hopes of being sent to jail. To his disappointment, the man was not booked into jail but did receive a citation.

May 13- Police responded to a traffic accident at 500 N 1200 W where the driver of one car had hit a parked car. He was taken to the hospital for treatment, and it was discovered that he was impaired. He was cited for DUI.