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I am a nihilist. Nihilism is a lovely way of viewing the world: one believes in nothing. In short, I will deny nothing, but am inclined to question everything. Let me explain.

The only modes of perception we have are incongruous with reality, which is occasionally qualified objectively by something like relativity, or quantum mechanics. But since no human perception can detect existence as it objectively is, why not just believe in nothing? You see, it is only by believing in nothing that one makes an abyss: inside this abyss, one has the ability to create anything he or she wants. Think of it as a cave with no sounds: shout into it and your voice will echo, filling the cave as you wish. Believing in nothing allows one to create meaning, be an author of reality, and readily move one’s philosophy. It creates true relativity.

Relativism will almost always improve life. If it were not for moral relativism, then the priggish racism of our forefathers would still have African Americans enslaved, women would have no vote, and gay marriage would still be banned in every state. Relativism might also allow for the politicians in the world to entertain a mote of understanding for the opposing viewpoint. Relativism, like all great things, tends toward inherent self-correction.


Sebastian M. / HEX Writer

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