What are you doing this summer?

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With spring finals over, summer is here, and we are each doing different things. Plans range from no classes to a heavy load, and from little work to full-time. So, whether you have barely any free time or have more than you can handle, what are you doing this summer? Let’s explore some of the extremes and see what some students could be doing.


I have some friends who are quite busy with working a lot and going to school full-time, while still trying to have a social life. I commend you! That is tough to do, but definitely possible if you put your mind to it and balance everything. Do not forget to have fun! Give yourself a little time to relax (or at least breathe) so you do not get burned out.


Summer should be enjoyed, and that can be done while doing different things if you set your priorities straight. Invest in a planner and schedule yourself so that you can do everything that you want to do this summer. Do not give up!



Let’s flip over to the other side.


If you’re anything like me, your major has very few classes in the summer (so there goes that idea), and your job isn’t giving you many hours (and finding another job is difficult), so you end up sitting around twiddling your thumbs while everyone else has things to do. That is all fun and games for the first couple weeks, but then you just get tired of having so much extra time. Why do we put ourselves through that?


The usual cause is laziness.


To change our lazy routine would mean that we would have to actually get up and do something about it. I am here to tell you that it is worth it! I started on a few projects to keep me busy this summer, and I am way happier than I was when I was doing nothing in my pajamas all day.


Living in Utah County, and the surrounding areas, we have so many options available to us that we could do. We live in a beautiful area that has a lot to offer for things to do when the weather is nice. There are plenty of hikes to go on, pools to swim in, scenic views to stroll, and many more activities to enjoy. Go get a library card and start a new series. Or visit many of the free museums that are around. Develop a new talent or strengthen the ones you do have so you do not lose them.


There are many more options of activities that a bored student can do in the summer that I did not think mention. Find what works for you and roll with it!













Very few of us like to go on adventures alone, so grab a friend and get exploring! Make this summer one of the best and have a grand ‘ol time! You will definitely have a better summer experience (and your figure will probably thank you for not staying on the couch for the next three months). Take advantage of the free time you have this summer and make the most of it!


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