There is beauty all around us

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Luis Pino, a Chilean immigrant with a gift  for capturing nature at its best through his photography, will be featured in an exhibition at the Covey Center for the Arts entitled “There is Beauty All Around Us.” 


Kathryn Allen and the committee that selects the applicants, found his work remarkably real and expressive of what this state is most known for: breathtaking nature.


When speaking to Pino, it is clear that his enthusiasm is like that of Ansel Adams when it comes to conveying a message with his pictures. Adams focused heavily on light and shadows in his black and white works, while Mr. Pino explores the elements of color as well.


“Taking pictures has a lot to do with light to bring out the very best colors and effects,” Pino notes. He poetically compares a photographed object with a diamond. “It is all about the light, how light hits the diamond or the nature. Some days you can stand in the same place and see a completely different picture.”


Pino started taking pictures in Temuco, his hometown in Sothern Chile, which he shares with Nobel laureates Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral. Chileans are known for displaying great emotion in their spoken language, folklore and in the arts. Pino is absolutely living up to his country’s reputation.


Though an American citizen, Pino’s art shows a variety of places in the world. But his love of Utah is charming and through this exhibition, patrons have an opportunity to find treasures and share in his joy of places in the beautiful state of Utah.

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