Thanksgiving: the speedbump to Christmas

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As soon as Halloween is over, if not sooner, stores are flooded with Christmas merchandise and promotions, which leaves Thanksgiving to be almost forgotten in the mix of holiday preparations.

Over time, especially as the economy has grown progressively worse, Christmas products have come out earlier and earlier in the season. Black Friday used to be the kick off for the holiday sales, but even that has dwindled in importance.

Thanksgiving has become like a speed bump that you barely slow down for on the way to the festive season.

Christmas is many people’s favorite holiday so it makes sense that the celebrations would come out early. On the other hand, “the worst that could happen to your favorite thing is to have it overemphasized so much that you get sick of it,” said Liz Edwards, senior in music education.

When festivities start too early, the holidays are not quite as special since they drag on for two months.

Don’t get me wrong; I love everything about Christmas. With all the extra cheer the world really is a better place. I plan out what I want to give my friends and family months in advance to make that gifting experience special.

But there is a reason we have Thanksgiving: gratitude.

“My mom always taught us that we should constantly have an attitude of gratitude and that it shouldn’t just be shown one day out of the year,” said Andrea Drake, senior in Clinical Marriage and Family Studies, who likes to start her Christmas celebrations in October.

I’m sure many of us were raised that same way, and I completely agree. Though, it‘s nice to have a time set up specifically to remember that guidance we were raised with.

It’s no surprise that people want to kick off their celebrations early. “It’s about families, Christmas scents that are released in stores, decorations and the joy that is shown from everyone,” Drake said. Who doesn’t want that?

Certainly there has got to be a balance between strictly not starting Christmas festivities until after Thanksgiving and bringing them out before Halloween is even over.

We can use Thanksgiving as a transition to Christmas. Use the month to be grateful for what and who we have in our lives, then show them how much you appreciate them when December comes.

The way our world is now, stores receive Christmas merchandise in mid October and start replacing Halloween products a few days before that holiday is even over. Advertisements go out for holiday gifts and deals about the same time.

Granted, Thanksgiving is a hard holiday to celebrate ahead of time since there really isn’t a good way to make a turkey look cute, especially when the holiday involves eating the bird. The lack of songs for the occasion doesn’t help either.

Let’s not let these trivial things become excuses to skip a perfectly good holiday.

Many people on Facebook have helped to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving strong by posting something they are grateful for every day in November. Let’s try to do more of that in our lives this month.

Sure, listen to the occasional Christmas song to get you in the right mood during November. Put up a few lights to brighten the atmosphere in your home. Just please, don’t go overboard.

Pull back the reins on Christmas a little and let Thanksgiving have its turn before we deck the halls with all things red and green.

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  1. I think there are a few reasons why stores put up Christmas stuff so early. Part of the reason stores put up Christmas stuff so early is for the sake of psychologically priming you for Christmas shopping months in advanced in the hopes that it will make you buy more later on or at least not forget to go shopping. I think the other reason stores start putting out Christmas stuff so early is because they really have no choice but to start early if they want to have all the products for the Christmas season stocked on the shelf by the end of November/beginning of December. I would imagine storage is another issue, stores probably start getting shipments for Christmas items in October and it probably piles up in their storage rooms very quickly leaving them no choice but to start stocking some of the Christmas merchandise on the store shelves well in advance of Christmas shopping to…

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