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During the past few weeks, UVU has been hit with a seasonal epidemic. This epidemic seems to be brought on by a rise in temperature, good weather and an increase in stress. The side effect, to many professors dismay, tends to be a lack of concentration and focus on anything school-related. The epidemic I am referring to is Spring Fever, and the only known cure is spring break.  Michael Carr, student, expressed the importance of spring break. “Every now and then we need to get out of school and just have some fun,” Carr said. “It’s just a great time to be able to just take a break and relax.”

Many students agree with Carr, saying that spring break is a time to relieve stress, rejuvenate, visit family and create unforgettable memories with friends. This year’s spring break hot spots include St. George, Zion’s National park, Arizona and Florida.

Brianna Blackwell said she is going to St. George with her family. While there they plan to visit Zion’s National Park and the Hoover Dam.

Lura Fox_-7Nate Church is also heading to Zion’s National Park over spring break to hang out with some friends.

“I’m going to hang out with the guys,” Church said. “While there we want to hike the Narrows and Angel’s Landing. Pretty much just hang out and be manly men.”

Three students venturing out of the state for spring break are Erika Willard, Michael Carr and Jesse Jorgensen.

Willard plans to spend her spring break visiting family and preparing for her mission in Arizona. Carr is also going to Arizona for spring break to go to a Muse concert. Jorgensen is flying to the Florida Keys to go scuba diving with his uncles.

“While at the Florida Keys I plan on going scuba diving, snorkeling, and spear fishing with my uncles,” Jorgensen said. “We also hope to be able to visit a state park and see some alligators.”

Blake Griffiths is another student using spring break as a time for an awesome adventure. Griffiths is not only leaving the state of Utah; he is flying to the Dominican Republic where he and a friend will be staying in a resort.

Regardless if your spring break plans are to fly to a different country, go scuba diving on coast, visit family or just stay home, I think everyone one can agree that spring break is the perfect cure for that spring epidemic that causes you to do whatever it takes to get away from school.

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