Twilight concert plays out with the energetic MGMT

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By Charlie Kaing, Music Reporter


The Twilight Concert Series has finished its 2013 year with the amazing MGMT.  A combination of laid back attendees, sweet artist galleries and music created a very “chill” vibe that I could instantly feel after walking through the entrance. These vibes seemed to make the attendees happy and relaxed.

I was talking with a friend, making a hand gesture, and immediately someone asked me if I needed a lighter. I didn’t, but the thought was appreciated. The attendees’ kind acts and easy going attitude were off the charts that night. I liked the chilled atmosphere and it only intensified with MGMT’s performance.

The beginning of MGMT’s performance put me in a relaxing mood and made me do some occasional soft core shimmying to the beats. The entire performance became more epic with the trippy, colorful videos playing in the background that accompanied each song. It added a pinch of fantasy to their performance.

This collaboration of music-plus-video completely mind-melded my sensory and I must say, it was awesome. I was watching the video screen during one of the more subtle songs and seriously saw myself running through space like a boss, on a sparkling track with Cheetos flying around me. I had to look around to break the trance, but deep down inside I didn’t want to.

MGMT’s more popular songs “Time to Pretend”, “Electric Feel” and “Kids” really hyped the crowd. I reserved most of my energy throughout the night for those songs so that when the time came my dancing—and everyone else’s—could really let loose. And we certainly did.

During “Time to Pretend” and “Electric Feel” everyone grooved out and bounced to the music, but it was “Kids” that took the dancing to another level. First of all we did a countdown from 5, which makes one feel like you’re receiving a box of chocolate that explodes feelings of serendipity in each bite. It was this blissful moment that made waiting in the long lines to enter the Twilight Concert Series worthwhile.

Once we finished the countdown, MGMT played their hit “Kids” and everyone around me—myself included—started doing this legs-only “Gangnam Style” type dance. It was organic and unrehearsed, but felt so natural. The entire “Kids” performance became the highlight of the event with the great interaction from MGMT with crowd and vice-versa. After “Kids” a demand for an encore performance was a must. And of course, MGMT ended their concert with a cool instrumental feel, making a graceful exit.

Attending MGMT’s concert reminded me how much adventure and discovery you can get from concerts. You feel good, meet people, and groove out. I felt something unique within that 10-acre park and although the Twilight Concert Series has finished for 2013, I look forward for the 2014 Twilight Concert Series.

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