Declassified: Robert Hastings, aliens and UFOs

Robert Hastings spoke to UVU students Tuesday, Oct. 15, about the proof of UFO and alien existence

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Robert Hastings spoke to UVU students Tuesday, Oct. 15, about the proof of UFO and alien existence. Photo by Gilbert Cisneros/UVU


As children, we watch cartoons and movies about aliens and are led to believe by parents, society, the world and the U.S. government that aliens are not real, but one man begs to differ.


Hundreds of students filled the UVU Grand Ballroom Tuesday, Oct. 18, as Robert Hastings spoke. Hastings, author and UFO researcher, believes aliens are real. He believes they have visited the Earth several times to warn the U.S. and Russia that we are “playing with fire” when it comes to nuclear arm both countries possess. The interest taken by the visitors, Hastings explained, started with the beginning of the nuclear weapons race at the end of World War II.


“What we are about to hear and see may seem like a joke, or fiction,” Hastings said as he began his speech, “but I urge everyone to have an open mind.”


He went on to explain that he did not come to UVU to get followers, but to tell people why he does what he does.


“I believe if UFOs are real and we have visitors from somewhere else, no government should lie about it,” Hastings said.


Hasting centered his speech on implications that UFOs exist, and that the U.S. government, U.S. Air Force, FBI and CIA have been and continue to lie about it. Over 37 years of research, which Hastings shared with the audience, explicitly showed proof that backs his belief of the existence of UFOs and alien life.


A video Hastings made about his discovery was showed after his introductory speech. In the video, Hastings describes UFOs using eyewitness accounts that describe them as objects large enough to look like a man-made aircraft that can float in the air and travel at tremendous speeds silently. These UFOs are known to hover around U.S. missile sites, weapon storage facilities and nuclear bomb test sites interfering with US strategic weapons systems. There have been numerous incidents of unexplained malfunctions of nuclear missiles just as one or more UFOs appeared.


Hastings gave a chronological order of the history of UFO phenomenon, starting with the first appearance in Montana, April 1947. After a thorough investigation was completed, officers stated in the report to the Air Force the conclusion that UFOs were alien spacecraft. This information, Hastings explained, had being hidden from the public and the officers involved were sworn to secrecy.


It wasn’t until the Freedom of Information Act went into effect in 1967 that some of the information about UFOs was released.


With these declassified government documents and eyewitness testimony, from former and retired government personnel, Hastings has being able to confirm “beyond a reasonable doubt” the ongoing UFO activity near U.S. nuclear and military sites.


Hastings showed several of these declassified documents that he used to prove the existence of these alien aircraft, and concluded with the recommendation that students can browse website sources on their own to find a conclusion for themselves. Two online sources Hastings cited were the Fund for UFO Research and the Center for UFO Studies.


Spencer Jones, a senior from Orem majoring in Psychology, talked about how he felt when he heard Hasting’s argument.


“It’s interesting, but it’s hard to make an objective statement, just because we have being taught from childhood that aliens are not real,” Jones said.


Notwithstanding what he had being taught since childhood about aliens, Jones said he believed Hastings had a legitimate reason to claim that the government is hiding something.


Sophomore Addyson Reynolds, adding that his insights were valuable, said that speakers like Hastings on campus enlighten students.


“People get turned off immediately when they hear something like this, but its something cool to consider and it brings different ideas to students on campus,” Reynolds said.


By Gloria Kajo

Photo by Gilbert Cisneros

7 thoughts on “Declassified: Robert Hastings, aliens and UFOs

  1. It is truly difficult to make an objective statement on this issue, I jt hope more facts come to light to prove Hastings Right or wrong.

  2. The science professors that attended were unimpressed, I know that much. Hastings is a sensationalist hanging by some weak proof. He’s having a good time though!

  3. Unimpressed science professors–who have never researched UFOs themselves–are a dime a dozen.

    One scientist who did study the phenomenon, physicist Dr. James McDonald, told the US Congress this:

    From time to time in the history of science, situations have arisen in which a problem of ultimately enormous importance went begging for adequate attention simply because that problem appeared to involve phenomena so far outside the current bounds of scientific knowledge that it was not even regarded as a legitimate subject of serious scientific concern. That is precisely the situation in which the UFO problem now lies.”

  4. McDonald continued, “One of the principal results of my own recent intensive study of the UFO enigma is this: I have become convinced that the scientific community, not only in this country but throughout the world, has been casually ignoring as nonsense a matter of extraordinary scientific importance. The attention of your Committee can, and I hope will, aid greatly in correcting this situation. As you will note in the following, my own present opinion, based on two years of careful study, is that UFOs are probably extraterrestrial devices engaged in something that might very tentatively be termed ‘surveillance.'”

  5. In September 2010, I co-hosted the UFOs and Nukes press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. which CNN streamed live. The full-length video of the event is available at on the About page.

    At the press conference, seven USAF veterans discussed their UFO experiences at ICBM sites and other nuclear weapons sites.

    An article at my website, containing the affidavits of the veterans, as well as a few declassified documents confirming UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites, is at:

    Scientists, especially those who have all of the answers without first studying the facts, will never understand what these military men went through.

  6. Any inclusion of cases assessed by Robert Hastings in theories or discussions of UFOlogy in the world today is a sad and ridiculous reliance on ideas and testimonies that have no place whatsoever in an honest universe. Some people act as if their claims are already carved in stone as the voice of truth, forgetting or neglecting to mention that both men have very provably lied in relation to the issues they spout on about as often as they can receive a paycheck for it, and neglect to detail any of the facts of this matter — facts that have been backed up by both witness testimony and confirmed documentation. There is no doubt that he is a liar and a fraud in regard to these issues.

  7. Affidavits mean nothing if you keep changing them everytime someone proves that your illustrious visions are based on lies. Not only science professors are unimpressed with Hastings — pretty much everybody who looks at his claims with an honest eye is unimpressed. Affidavits are meaningless if you’re not telling the truth, and Robert Hastings is a proven liar. Just run a Google search of “Robert Hastings is a proven liar” and you’ll find plenty of evidence to back up that fact. Or go to and start reading from the bottom up, starting with “The Malmstrom AFB Missile/UFO Incident, March 1967”. If you’ve got some extra time and internet access, his nonsense is free — you don’t have to buy the book, just read the blurbs.

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