Relief for Ukraine

April 15, 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues, basic resources and services are increasingly important to provide relief. Utah Valley University has shown their support of Ukraine in many ways, and there are resources on- and off-campus that are dedicated to helping Ukraine.  According to KSL News, Lina Varionova, a student at UVU, created a fund that delivered […]

Timeline of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict

April 13, 2022

Reading Time: 6 minutes The past month has seen devastation as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has killed thousands and displaced millions. In February, Putin announced that he was conducting a “special military operation” in eastern Ukraine, claiming the objective of stopping a genocide against the Russian people and leading the “de-Nazification” of the Kyiv regime. These statements came […]

Panel on Russia-Ukraine conflict

March 25, 2022

Reading Time: 3 minutes Students and faculty came together in a Clarke Building classroom to hear from speakers about the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian conflict. The panel discussion on March 16, heard from several panelists which included esteemed professors such as Dr. Frederick White, professor of Russian and integrated studies, Dr. Baktybek Abdrisaev, former UN ambassador from Kyrgyzstan and professor of […]

International Festival at UVU: No passport required

November 8, 2011

Reading Time: 2 minutes With all the traffic in the parking lots at UVU Monday night, it looked like 10 a.m. instead of 8:30 p.m.   Students swarming into the Sorenson Student Center warmed the fall chill off of their hands by the two fires outside the doors before making their way into the transformed ballroom.   Volunteers from […]

Night of music and dance helps raise money for adoption

November 7, 2011

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Russian Club bands together to help a couple bring a girl into their family.   Within the next year a new child will be arriving, but this one won’t be coming by stork. She’ll be coming by airplane all the way from Ukraine to the U.S.   This past Tuesday evening, Nov. 1, guests […]

Declassified: Robert Hastings, aliens and UFOs

October 19, 2011

Reading Time: 3 minutes   As children, we watch cartoons and movies about aliens and are led to believe by parents, society, the world and the U.S. government that aliens are not real, but one man begs to differ.   Hundreds of students filled the UVU Grand Ballroom Tuesday, Oct. 18, as Robert Hastings spoke. Hastings, author and UFO […]

The pulse of Russia

November 2, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute Moscow, the symbolic heart that has always sustained vast Russia, is open to students wishing to study abroad. Accepted participants have the chance to live in the capital of Moscow, while studying Russian in partnership with Moscow State University. “This is one of the world’s most respected and intellectually rigorous universities,” said Marina Panina, Russia […]