Crime over winter break

Reading Time: 2 minutes Over winter break ten crimes were reported to The Review by campus police. This included three cases of traffic offenses, two cases of criminal mischief, a case of DUI Alcohol, a threatening, a traffic stop, tobacco problem and a case of stalking.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

From Dec. 12 to Dec. 30, 2023, ten instances of criminal activity were reported by the Utah Valley University campus police. This information comes from a report given to The Review by campus police.  

On Dec. 12, officers received a report about a confrontation phone call between a prospective student and an employee at the Liberal Arts building service desk. An investigation determined the call was a criminal violation referring to a threat of violence and that charges would be pursued. The report does not state who made the threats nor what charges will be pursued. The Review has contacted the police department for clarification and will provide an update when the information becomes available.  

Two days later, on Dec. 14, at 7:19 p.m., officers stopped a vehicle for multiple traffic violations. The driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol with a 0.14 breath alcohol result from a breathalyzer. According to Utah law, code 41-6a-502, the legal limit for a breath alcohol concentration is 0.05. The individual was booked into Utah County Jail for a DUI.  

On Dec. 16, at 7:00 p.m., officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. The individual driving was found to have marijuana “as well as drug paraphernalia,” according to the report. The driver was cited and released, leaving the case labeled closed. The Review has asked for clarification on details pertaining to the case and will provide an update when the information becomes available.  

On Dec. 20, a professor on campus spoke to an Officer about a stalking situation. The professor stated that the alleged stalker has been active for four years and charges have been considered. The officer on the call gathered further information about suspicious events, but no reference is made as to what those events may be. The case is labeled active, and an inquiry has been made to the police department about the nature of the events. 

The next day, on Dec. 21, a vehicle was stopped for a revoked registration. The driver was also found to have an active warrant. The officer conducting the stop issued a citation for the revoked registration, a suspended driver’s license and no proof of insurance.  

On Dec 26, officers responded to a call about the campus golf carts that had been moved from the Hall of Flags. Camera footage revealed that the carts had been moved by individuals while the campus was closed. The case remains open for further investigation.  

On Dec. 29, two underage males were found inside the pond area skateboarding. According to the report, the males damaged the grates “on a water intake shed.” They were referred to juvenile court by the officers and their parents were notified.  

The following day, Dec. 30, a vehicle was stopped for a moving violation. The operator was arrested for an active warrant and for operating the vehicle with a suspended driver’s license. 

The last crime reported occurred on the same day, officers spoke to five juveniles skateboarding and smoking near the Keller Building. During the discussion, one of the individuals gave a false date of birth while another was found to be in possession of several vapes and drug paraphernalia, which the report states tested positive for THC. The report continues to state that the juvenile was referred to an out-of-county court and was released to a guardian.