Tips that might save your grade come exam day  

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It is that time of year again when exams are just around the corner, and every student is stressed over tests. To help students prepare for tests, the Review has gathered a few tips to help during the actual exam.  

For many students, the simple answer to test preparation is to study, study, and study; but what about the big day? When students are sitting down in front of their test pencil in hand, what are some processes that could help us feel more prepared? Well according to several well-known universities and professionals across the U.S. there are several steps students can take to better understand the questions. 

The first of which, according to a article published by UVU on testing success, students should avoid cramming the night before. While it may seem for short term review, the actuality of cramming is more likely to work against students. Information crammed in just the night before time stays into the short-term memory so it’s likely to leave just as quickly as it was forced in. UVU’s Student Health Services outline several more methods to prepared in the moment cramming is referred to as ineffective It may also increase stress and reduce overall preparedness.  

Students also have access to UVU’s testing center where they can access accommodations if they are documented with a disability by UVU’s office of Accessibility Services. This includes temporary conditions like pregnancy.  

As for the test, the easiest way to prepare before setting pencil to paper is to read the entire exam. Doing this quickly will help students understand the overall structure of the test and see where more time may be needed for questions or answers. This will help students complete the entire test within the allotted time.  

While reading over the test, it’s also recommended to pick out one or two questions that students are confident they can answer as it can give them an easy introduction to the material. It may also result in helping ease stress and reduce anxiety.  

Then go through the process of answering the easier questions and skip those that can’t be answered quickly, or students are less confident until only those remain. At this point in the process, students will be warmed up and fully engaged to focus on those remaining questions. It’s recommended to never skip questions, and to be thorough that each question is answered. Never rush through an exam, and don’t do not be afraid to take the entire exam period. 

If students are struggling during the exam, take a breather with a few stretches to relax tense muscles. Those few calming minutes can be beneficial to the mindset of students and help overcome the challenges that exams can present.  

Exams begin Thursday, April 25 and to prepare students can visit the Student Health Services for more resources. For finding the necessary materials for a test like an exam green book, the campus store sell a variety of office supplies. And for further accommodation visit the accessibility services at UVU.