‘A Total Success’ at the 26th UVU Auto Expo

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Despite the chilly weather, hundreds of Utahans stepped away from their houses Saturday morning and crowded the 26th UVU Annual Auto Expo and Swap Meet, held at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Everyone, from car lovers, to entire families, gathered to enjoy more than 700 shiny automobiles that were on display. Auto enthusiasts, were walking around the spaces of Thanksgiving Point, excited with the variety of cars, from a vintage 1950 Chevrolet, to a modern, 2012 Jetta.


All the cars were in perfect condition, with new features, improvements and hot accessories, catching the attention of all the visitors. A car concept called “Batman Mobil”, owned by the company “Semi Services,” with his innovative design and particularity, was the car that caught the attention of all the attendees in the event.


“For the last five years I have been participating in this event and I absolutely love it. I get to share with others my passion for cars, and also, is a good time to get information and to know what’s new and what’s trending in the automobiles market. I am hoping to keep coming every single year,” said Rob Warren, Creative Director of Holy T-shirts, who was a vendor at the event.


A big number of vendors like auto service companies, local dealerships, and a big variety of food merchants, were participating at the Expo, offering their products and services to the public.


The excitement was all over the place. People were waiting for the Auto Expo special guest Shirley Muldowney, the “First Lady of Drag Racing”.




Another main attraction of the event was the University’s Department of Automotive Technology. Scholarship opportunities awarded their creativity, innovation and ideas.


Randy Cumming, from Alpine, Utah, owner of a 1950 Cadillac said “This Cadillac is my passion, and it makes me happy to see how others enjoy to see my car, events like this one, are necessary for our community. Putting together a great car display for observers and also helping the UVU Automotive Technology Department makes of this event a total success.”


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