Summer’s coming; Protect your skin 

April 22, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes With summer approaching, learn how to protect your skin from the sun’s dangerous UV rays.  As the semester comes to an end, the sounds of summer have been quickly rushing in. Summer is typically full of time spent in the sunlight. It is a wonderful time of year to recharge, get reconnected with nature, and […]

Prioritizing hydration this summer 

April 22, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes With summer quickly approaching, it is important to stay hydrated.  As the semester ends, summer activities are becoming more of a reality. Summertime can be very active, especially when spending time outdoors. This time of year  tends to be a carefree time with  fewer responsibilities and expectations. Even though this is a time used to […]

Let’s stay moving this Summer 

April 22, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes The weather is getting warmer, school semesters are ending, and students finally have free time. Don’t stay indoors, go outside instead and move the body. It’s the perfect time to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and sun while participating in fun activities.   Now that the weather is starting to warm up and […]

Stress reduction in preparation for finals week 

April 8, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes Follow these important tips to make the finals week experience more positive with less overall stress.  It’s that time of the semester again! Whether it is your first finals week or last finals week experience, there are a lot of strategies that individuals can put into practice today to ensure that this week goes as […]

Habits for healthy hair 

March 5, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes Maintaining hair health can have a huge positive impact on self-esteem and overall health.  Hair hygiene is extremely important and can have a major impact on overall health. Investing in hair care products that are both high quality and reputable can get expensive but it is important in getting hair as healthy as possible. The […]

Circadian rhythm: Becoming an early riser 

March 5, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes Students who prioritize regulating their circadian rhythm will experience important benefits in their physical and mental health and overall productivity levels.  As a student, it is difficult to juggle all the responsibilities expected such as schoolwork, extracurricular activities, religious responsibilities, social activities, and organizing finances. Sometimes it may feel as though there is not enough […]

Winter dehydration and how to fight it 

February 23, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recognizing the signs and symptoms of dehydration is a crucial part of overall health, especially in the dry Utah climate. By incorporating these hydration techniques, students can avoid the risk of dehydration this winter.  According to the Utah Hazard Mitigation Plan, Utah is currently the second driest state in the United States, right behind Nevada. […]

Namaste: A beginner’s guide to yoga 

February 23, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes Students can experience significant positive impacts on both physical and mental health through the practice of yoga.  Yoga is a practice that has been used for thousands of years. According to the Ministry of Ayush in the Indian government, the origins of yoga practice are traced back to around the fifth or sixth centuries BC […]

5 ways to improve sleep hygiene for more restful sleep 

February 23, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes Prioritizing sleep hygiene habits can be a game changer for students to increase productivity and navigate their responsibilities in a healthy way.  According to Cornell Health, sleep is vital for anyone through any stage of life, but it is especially important for college students. The average college student has a lot to juggle between academic responsibilities, work, […]

Foods for maintaining heart health  

February 22, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes Food can have a major impact on heart health, so it is important to be conscientious of what is consumed daily and what can be added into a daily diet to boost overall heart health.  With Valentines Day come and gone, valentines are not the only hearts to be concerned about because it also happens […]