Prioritizing hydration this summer 

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With summer quickly approaching, it is important to stay hydrated. 

As the semester ends, summer activities are becoming more of a reality. Summertime can be very active, especially when spending time outdoors. This time of year  tends to be a carefree time with  fewer responsibilities and expectations. Even though this is a time used to enjoy relaxation and adventure, it is important to be mindful of staying hydrated.  

Why stay hydrated? 

During the summertime, it is important to remain hydrated. Inevitably, during this season, the weather is significantly warmer. According to the Centers for Disease Control, due to the increase in heat, the body tends to sweat a lot more, leading to fluid loss.  In making a specific effort to stay hydrated, it can help the body to support organ function as well as regulate an ideal body temperature. Staying hydrated will reduce hunger cravings, increase energy levels, balanced body fluids, improved brain power, and enhanced agility and muscle movements shares Geisinger heath.  

How to stay hydrated 

There are plenty of ways people can stay hydrated throughout the summer other than just making sure to consume a lot of water throughout the day. According to Nebraska Medicine, the biggest game changer is to invest in a reusable water have a great, physical reminder throughout the day to make sure hydration is a priority. In making a conscious effort to bring your reusable water bottle along wherever the summer adventure takes you, it will help to serve as a reminder to sip on it throughout the day. 

 It is also important to note that hydration isn’t just attained through drinking water, it can also be consumed through hydrating foods. Typically, hydrating foods consist of vegetables and fruits that are high in water content. Some great examples of these include cucumbers, pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, etc.  

If you find yourself having a difficult time remembering throughout the day to drink an appropriate amount of water, it is extremely understandable because life, especially during the summertime, can get very busy. It is a great idea to set a few reminders on your phone to drink water and set it up like a checklist so  it feels like an accomplishment once it is complete every day. This is an excellent way to hold yourself accountable as well as it forms a habit that will ensure hydration all summer long. 

The amount of water a person needs each day depends on a couple of different factors. Geisinger heath states that on average women should consume about 2.7 liter or 11.5 cups of water a day while on average men should consume 3.7 liters or 15.5 cups of water in the day. This is the base amount of water that we should be communing without considering the amount of exercise one is participating in or the temperature that one is out in.  

 One final tip for staying hydrated this summer would be to pay attention to daily caffeine consumption. Beverages that contain caffeine are extremely dehydrating even though you are consuming a liquid. In an effort to stay hydrated in the summer months, focus on limiting the number of caffeinated beverages consumed and swap them for something more hydrating for your body.