Foods for maintaining heart health  

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Food can have a major impact on heart health, so it is important to be conscientious of what is consumed daily and what can be added into a daily diet to boost overall heart health. 

With Valentines Day come and gone, valentines are not the only hearts to be concerned about because it also happens to be American Heart Month. This month for awareness is designed to help individuals evaluate personal behaviors and eating habits to prevent heart disease. Heart disease can be a difficult subject for some, but this article provides helpful suggestions to seek out specific foods that are known to improve heart health and function.  

Black beans 

According to Dany Paul Baby, MD, from WebMD, incorporating more black beans into the daily diet can be helpful in targeting elevated blood pressure levels and subsequently lowering it. Black beans are rich in vital nutrients such as folate, magnesium, and antioxidants, which can all work to overall lower an individual’s blood pressure. 


WebMD also suggests this fish as another option to add into daily meal options. Salmon is considered a superfood because of the benefits it can give, particularly to the heart. The salmon is packed with healthy fats called omega-3s. These fats can lower the blood pressure as well as help prevent arrhythmias. Tuna is also another great seafood option that is rich in omega-3s. Another reason tuna is a great substitute for salmon is because it can be cheaper than salmon.  

Olive oil 

Incorporating olive oil more throughout the diet is crucial because of the heart-related benefits that can be attained with frequent consumption. Olive oil is considered a healthy fat because it is full of antioxidants. According to WebMD, these have the power to not only protect blood vessels but also can aid in lowering overall cholesterol levels.   

Sweet potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are an excellent example of a food that you can swap into your routine instead of the usual option of white potatoes. WebMD discusses that the benefit of sweet potatoes is that they have an overall lower glycemic index in comparison to white potatoes. Sweet potatoes can give a familiar feel to consuming regularly starchy potatoes, but they will not cause a rapid blood sugar spike. 

By incorporating these foods and countless others that are also rich in nutrients such as folate, magnesium, and antioxidants, as well as other healthy fats, including omega-3s and olive oil, the risk of heart disease can be lowered and overall boosts heart health. Try these superfoods to boost heart health!