Let’s stay moving this Summer 

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The weather is getting warmer, school semesters are ending, and students finally have free time. Don’t stay indoors, go outside instead and move the body. It’s the perfect time to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and sun while participating in fun activities.  

Now that the weather is starting to warm up and the sun is finally out, there are simple ways to stay moving during the warmer months. The summer allows for more opportunities to get outside and exercise in different ways than in the winter.  

Summer is a great time to get out and walk, jog or even play any type of sport outside. Being outdoors allows for time to soak up some sun and get much needed vitamin D. Penn Medicine shares some tips to exercising in the summer heat. Some of these include taking a cold shower when needed, wearing light and breathable clothing, if possible, avoiding exercising at the peak heat times of the day which are early afternoon and midday, and lastly don’t forget to stay hydrated.  

There are times where the weather is a little too hot to run or walk around, which is why swimming exists. Swimming is a great way to stay active during the warmer months. Northwest Regional Health says, “you don’t have to swim laps or dive into a pool for it to be beneficial. Simply getting in and walking around will provide you with several health benefits.”  

There is no need to be a professional swimmer when going to the pool. Just getting in and moving the body and muscles is all that really matters. Harvard health states that this will create all types of benefits for the body’s health and overall wellness. These benefits include that the water is easier on the joints than cement or pavement and in the process will help target more muscles groups.  

If water isn’t something that caught the attention there is also Yoga. Yoga is a very relaxing activity that doesn’t require any equipment at all. It just needs the participant and the great outdoors or even the comfort of a living room. “You can either join a group that does yoga outside or find a quiet place and do it by yourself,” Northwest Regional Health states. Yoga is a great way to get moving and get fresh air, either alone or with a group. The important thing here is that the body is moving and not just sitting on the couch all day watching movies while eating snacks. The sun is out, which allows for more activities to do outside.  

The most crucial part of summer is that it is enjoyed. Utah has only about three or four months of perfect weather with warm sun shining constantly throughout the day. Enjoy that time with friends and family outside doing fun activities. Many activities can be done, hiking, yoga/pilates, walking at parks, and much more. Take the summertime to relax, so when the semester comes back around in the fall, the stress levels are low, and the student can start off strong.