The 99% moves to Occupy Provo

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Protestors gather outside Wells Fargo in Provo

Outside of Wells Fargo Bank in downtown Provo on Saturday, the sidewalks read, “Close your accounts,” as protesters stood on the corner of 100 N and University Avenue.


The group of about 24 members from Occupy Provo stood holding signs and passing out fliers to the public.  Cars driving by the scene honked in approval throughout the day as the protesters brought awareness of corporate greed.


“If you oppose us, I think it’s because you don’t understand,” said Zachary Olpin, spokesperson of Occupy Provo. “If you had a proper understanding of the issues…it’s hard to disagree with the things that we are fighting for.”


The Provo Police kept watch on the protest throughout the day to make sure that the rights of all parties were protected.


“As long as they’re not violating any laws…as far as the police are concerned we’re happy with people that want to hold a sign,” said Sergeant Befendorfer of the Provo Police. “We don’t want to discourage them or anything like that.”


Inside the walls of Wells Fargo, the bank operated as usual and remained fully staffed with District Manager Preston Meline on sight for the day with his fellow employees.


“There is no official statement,” said Meline, “Wells Fargo’s motto has always been that we want our customers to succeed financially and meet all of their financial goals.”


Meline further explained that the protesters were peaceful and want their opinion known.


The demonstration ran throughout the day into the late hours Saturday evening. Occupy Provo participants decided Saturday Evening at their General Assembly that they will be demonstrating outside Zion’s Bank this coming Saturday. Occupy Provo would like to invite everyone to check out their facebook page, “Occupy Provo Discussion Group,” or participate with them this Saturday.


Photo and story by Emily Stephenson