UVU football club opens season with win

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By: Jessica Whalen [email protected]

The UVU football team started its season Saturday, Sept. 7 at Orem Elementary with an 18-0 shutout win against the Darkness.

Wolverine quarterback Kyler Frampton threw a 60-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Matt Roberts on their first drive of the season. Chase Orwin followed it up with a 10-yard rushing touchdown. Frampton then threw a 30-yard touchdown to complete the scoring.

With the offense shining, the UVU defense also did its part in the win. Wolverine defensive end Hans Gaul came up with a sack to ensure the victory.

“Shifty Quarterback, hold on, don’t get away,” Gaul said of what was going through his head when he made the play.

The Wolverines were ecstatic to capture first win while maintaining a shutout, but still believe they can play better.

“We played well, but we have a lot of room for improvement,” safety Jordan Gleason said.

The Utah Tackle Football League started five years ago, with UVU joining one year after its inception. The UTFL is a Utah-based football league that provides an opportunity for young men to play American football while achieving their dreams and aspirations in a post-secondary education environment. Rob Bunker currently serves as the UVU football team manager.

The Wolverines have high expectations this season that will only be satisfied by winning the league championship. Starting the season with a shutout has given the players a confidence boost to believe in the potential ideal ending to their season.

UVU took the championship game during its first season. The following year the team made it to the championship but lost, and in their third year the Wolverines made it to the semifinals and lost. Members of the team feel that this year offers an excellent opportunity to make it to the championship again and come out with their second league title.

“This year we have better players, and more guys to keep a steady and healthy team,” said Gleason.

The Wolverines practice every Wednesday night with quarterback Kyler Frampton organizing the offense and Alan Sheffer running the defense. Frampton is the offensive captain while Sheffer, a four-year veteran, is the defensive captain. The main focus going into practice is to continue the team’s momentum and winning attitude.

“We had a good turnout last week, so let’s have that again,” said Gleason. “This weeks game will be much tougher.”

The mission of the UVU football club is to teach strong character, faith, integrity, leadership and sportsmanship, in addition to offering an enjoyable experience to its players.

The Wolverines know the influence a sports leader can have on his community and school. Each member strives to make a difference in his community by being positive role models.

UVU’s second game will be played at noon on Sept. 14, at Orem Elementary against the Vivint Eagles. Make sure to check out all of the game highlights on YouTube, like them on Facebook on the Utah Tackle Football League page, and stay up to date with all of the league statistics and standings.