Structured enrollment

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“Structured enrollment allows students not prepared to take full, college-level courses, to have contact with their advisors every semester until they have completed any pre-college course work,” said Michelle O. Taylor, Associate Vice President. Taylor is confident it is a way to help students become more successful, as administration also wants to improve retention and graduation

infographicrates. “We are trying to create a foundation students need, to take any college course and do well with it,” she said. Taylor assures that once students have done this, they are free to take whatever they like.

The change will not affect admission. Taylor said UVU is still inclusive, as they are not trying to keep students out, but rather intend to make students have more personalized help from their advisors. “We want to catch students that need extra help and make sure they get it,” she said.

According to officials, ACT/SAT scores will only be required for those under the age of 24, while those over would need to take a placement test after admission. Transfer students whose Math, English and reading credits are satisfactory will be waived from submitting the ACT/SAT.

Ryan Burton, Director of Admissions, said they have tried other methods of supporting underprepared students. “We need to assist students and not set them up for failure,” he said.

Unaware of this change, and somewhat happy it will not affect him, Matthiea Miser, a freshman majoring in computer engineering, believes it is good for any student to take the ACT/SAT. “It is especially good if one is planning on transferring to another college or university,” he said.

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