All students pay in state tuition for the summer

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The State Board of Regions has a policy on tuition and fees, allowing the president to charge resident tuition in the summer for all students, including non-residents, international students & undergraduates and graduate.

Virginia Johnson / uvureviewThe difference between resident, non resident, and international students tuition during this time of the year has always been this way and is applicable to all in-state institutions.

Linda Makin, chief planning, budget and policy officer, said one of the reasons why tuition is lowered in the summer is to create demand since students are less enrolled in this term than any other.

“Universities are built to their peak capacities and these are in the fall; summer across the nation has the lowest student demand,” Makin said.

In addition to why tuition is made in-state in the summer, Cory L. Duckworth, vice president of Student Affairs said it is an incentive the legislature in the state of Utah has agreed to allow institutions of higher education to encourage students, who would have otherwise not been able to afford to attend school to come during summer school.

“A third amount of students come to school during the summer so if we did not have out of state tuition lowered, then a lot fewer than a third would not be as likely to come,” Duckworth said. “Out of state tuition is three times as much as in-state tuition.”

There is a high percentage of non resident students enrolled in the summer than in the academic year, historically.

Makin said that even though this is the case, they are not, in sheer numbers, losing numbers in that resident students also still continue to enroll. Overall, the number of students who attend summer school continues to increase but the numbers are significantly low when measured against spring or fall semesters.

Duckworth said they liked summer as a way to help students come to UVU from different locations so they get used to being at the university. “After that, they will only have to pay two more semesters and then qualify for in-state tuition and be able to go here much less expensively,” he said.

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