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Students may not realize it but January is the time to begin to decide on and plan for next year’s student fees.


On Thursday, Jan. 19,  the first hearing will be held in the Library where any student can go add their thoughts as organizations request funding through increases in student fees. These hearings will continue to be on Thursday’s for several weeks and are two to three hours long. Future buildings are always a topic to discuss at these hearings.


Many buildings can start being saved for with student fees a decade before they are actually built. For many years two dollars has come from each student’s fees to go toward the new student center.


Thanks to students who participated in hearings long ago, this new building is planned to be finished in 2013. Sam Hadlock, Executive Vice President of Student Leadership, is helping to plan this year’s hearings.


“Some students get upset when they hear they are paying for something they will never use, but we are using things we never paid for,” Hadlock said.


The groundbreaking is to be held very soon for the new Student Life and Wellness Center which will be located between the PE building and Sorensen Student Center. The goal of the building is to help students achieve wellness in body mind and spirit.


“It will include a track, a multipurpose room for soccer, work out equipment, a climbing wall, bowling alleys, healthy food options and a meditation and prayer room for some of our students who pray several times a day for their denominations,” Hadlock said.


According to Hadlock a pool was on the table but because of maintenance costs it was put aside. However he said he could see it possibly happening in the future. The strong student influence is set up in a way to best help leaders have priorities, which reflect the students.


“Student fees are a big deal,” Hadlock said, “The Dean and Assistant Dean have worked with many universities around the nation, but from what they’ve seen we are very innovative about how we do it. It’s pretty trusting to put it in the student’s hands. If we abuse it by not doing it in a professional manner, it could go away.”


After students give their opinions, the student government will approve or disapprove, the decision will then go to the Presidents Counsel for final approval.


“If anyone is interested in what’s going on, they should come listen so they can have a say,” Hadlock said.


By Tiffany Thatcher – Asst. News Editor

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