Public transit changes around campus

Reading Time: < 1 minute FrontRunner southbound line provides some students shorter commute

Reading Time: < 1 minute
For students commuting from north of the main UVU campus in Orem, the opening of the new FrontRunner route means a significantly shorter commute. The route, running between Salt Lake City and Provo, covers 45 miles and includes stops at Murray Central, South Jordan, Draper, Lehi, American Fork, Orem and Provo.

FrontRunner’s travel time from Salt Lake Central to Orem is approximately 50 minutes, followed by a short bus ride from the train station to campus. Before the opening of the FrontRunner line, commuters traveling from the same stop could plan on approximately two hours from Salt Lake City to the UVU Orem main campus.

UTA’s reputation as a dependable source of transportation has come under question recently, with FrontRunner proving to be exception. On Jan. 14, the southbound FrontRunner ran over 30 minutes late, and according to a UTA employee, the delay was due to below-freezing temperatures. The following day, a southbound Frontrunner ran 10 minutes late.

Along with the opening of the FrontRunner southbound train, changes to multiple UTA bus routes in Utah County were implemented, including lines 805-807, 811, 822, 830-833, 850 and 862.

Last month, UTA also introduced new bus lines to Utah County: 809, 821, 834, 836, 842 and 853. With the addition of six bus routes, UTA discontinued routes 801-804, as well as 810.

While on-site student parking at UVU can be difficult at times, UTA riders can circumnavigate the mayhem with multiple bus stops located around campus. UTA offers students annual passes at a significantly discounted price. An annual bus pass may be purchased at Campus Connection for $50 dollars and is valid for one academic year, from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31.

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