Cornbelly’s celebrates 22 years of business with laughter and fright

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Celebrating its 22 years of business, Cornbelly’s picked a superhero themed Halloween celebration for this season. But, upon arrival, expect more than just a bunch of superheroes. At the ticket booth, the aroma of a fresh bakery fills the air, which is surprising considering Cornbelly’s is on a farm.

According to Brett Herbst, owner and founder of The Maize, they bake an assortment of fresh donuts onsite, as well as apple cider. Herbst graduated from Brigham Young University in 1996 in agricultural studies, and he opened the first corn maze in Lehi shortly after. Everything is done with computer.

First, we draw up an idea of how we want the maze to look, then it is implanted to the tractors to make the design. It takes all year to plan and over six weeks to make, Herbst said. We do this all over the world. So far, we have 291 locations that we do mazes for.Going with the superheroes theme, the maze was designed as Superman in the center with a solider kneeling on the right side him, rifle in hand. On the other side is a grandmother reading. Both signify the many heroes that come and go throughout our lives.

Cornbelly’s is showing outdoor screenings of superhero movies, hosting meet and greets with superhero characters and costume contests. There are a plethora of different activities that have been added this year like: a zip line, a new ropes course and a Birdhouse Adventure. On Fridays and Saturdays, there are fireworks shows that are beyond spectacular. Michelle Belnap, the mad scientist behind the haunted maze designs, explained that the production of Insanity Point was delayed because of the hurricanes in Florida.

According to Belnap, Cornbelly’s uses resources from all over the country and some of those places that provide services were hurt by the hurricanes in Florida. But don’t fear, Insanity Point Haunt, one of the main attractions, will be open soon. Regardless of it not currently being open, the parts that are made were still scary. The monsters are sure to play on most people’s fears. It is a great mixture of fear and fun for those who are getting ready for midterms. There are plenty of activities for those who don’t like being scared.

“I am so glad Insanity isn’t open yet. I don’t do haunted houses or mazes; however, the atmosphere of Halloween is my favorite,” social work senior Carlie Hawkes said as she was looking at the carved pumpkin display; it is a crowd favorite every year.

Overall, Cornbelly’s is the perfect fall date night or a night with a group of friends. Whether you’remarried or single and ready to mingle, this is one place not to miss. So, grab your partner and go get some freshly made donuts and hot coco while enjoying a night of fright and fun at Cornbelly’s.

Cornbelly’s (UVU Review/Maricel Evangelista)
Cornbelly’s (UVU Review/Maricel Evangelista)
Cornbelly’s (UVU Review/Maricel Evangelista)
Cornbelly’s (UVU Review/Maricel Evangelista)

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