Scott C. Keller building officially open for business

The new Scott C. Keller building for the Woodbury School of Business is slated to open on Jan. 12 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Graphic by Ivette Pimentel.

The new Scott C. Keller building, part of the Woodbury School of Business, is open and ready to welcome UVU business students. After months of construction the building is ready for the grand opening. 

According to a recent announcement, the opening will take place on Jan. 12, at 1:30 p.m. in the Vallejo Auditorium. According to an Instagram post made by @uvuwsb the first 100 students to attend get a $10 meal voucher. 

The Scott C. Keller building, when officially opened, will be 160,000 square feet with 30 learning spaces, four engagement centers, two eating options, and an auditorium according to the building’s page. @UVUwsb’s Instagram story claimed that Sodalicious will be in the new building. 

On Nov. 11, 2019 UVU had the groundbreaking ceremony which can be watched on UVU’s YouTube channel. In the ceremony they outlined the purpose and inspiration for the construction of the new building. 

Karen Keller and Scott C. Keller, president and chief executive officer of Keller Investment Properties, donated $10 million to complete the funding for the planned Woodbury School of Business building, according to the building’s website.

“We are honored to contribute some of our resources to assist UVU’s wonderful leadership and their pursuit of excellence in providing an environment and opportunity of higher learning on this beautiful, diverse, growing campus,” said Scott and Karen Keller on the website. “We are privileged, along with our five children, to be associated with such a quality institution. We look forward to our growing posterity and to also be a part of it for many years to come.”

The building is located on the southern end of campus and will house the Bloomberg Lab, Entrepreneurship Institute, Money Management Resource Center, and the SmartLab. Classrooms will be filled with lecture-capture technology that will allow students to learn remotely.

To watch the grand opening of the Scott C. Keller Building, see their website. The ribbon-cutting will take place in-person and will also be streamed online.

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