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Traffic Disturbances:

March 2- Police responded to a traffic accident at the intersection of 960 S College Drive. Two vehicles had collided with each other, but fortunately there were no injuries to either of the vehicles’ occupants.


March 3- An accident occurred in lot M24 on campus. Officers found that a sweeper truck had struck a parked vehicle. Nobody was injured in the accident.


March 4- An officer arrived at lot L3 in regard to reports of a limousine driving through campus parking lots with a person sitting on the roof. The vehicle was located and stopped, and the officer warned the occupants. The officer then seized the limousine and later released it to the owner who was not present at the time.


Found Property:

March 2- A firearm was found in a bathroom of the second floor of the Science Building. Police secured the weapon and booked it into evidence. The owner of the firearm later called into the police to report their missing firearm. They were able to prove ownership and it was returned to them. The owner had removed the gun while using the bathroom facility and forgot their weapon when they were done. The owner had a concealed carry permit. Police say this happens one to two times a year and urged gun owners to be aware of their firearm at all times when on campus.


March 3- An abandoned motorized chair was spotted in the College Drive tunnel. Officers located the chair and took it to the police department.



March 4- A man was a victim of vandalism to his new car. Officers confirmed a deep scratch across the entire side of the vehicle that was most likely caused by a key or blade. There is no known reason for the man to be the target of vandalism totaling over $1,100 in damages.


March 4- A woman called to report vandalism to her old Ford van. An unknown suspect had carved a vulgar word into the driver’s side of her vehicle. Officers met with her to gather information, but there were no cameras in the parking lot to help them identify a suspect.



March 4- A vehicle was found on fire in the Browning Administration visitor lot. Orem Fire Department was able to extinguish the fire and the car was towed. Officers took no further action.


Sex Offense:

March 5- An officer responded to reports of two people having sex in a classroom. The individuals were located and issued a warning before being released.






March 8- A gas station contacted police asking them to cite a man who was causing trouble by trespassing. The man returned to the gas station a few hours later and was arrested and taken to jail.


March 8- A woman violated a protective order by showing up at her child’s school. She was arrested by police.


Under the Influence:

March 8- Officers received reports of a woman at 700 N 1200 W who was acting strangely. Police made contact and discovered the woman had been using inhalants. She was arrested on a warrant and abuse of toxic chemicals.


March 10- Police responded to a report of a man in the 50 W Center area yelling at passersby. An officer arrived and found the man leaning against the bumper of a stolen car. A police dog also sniffed out some heroin, and the man was arrested.


Uncontrolled Animals:

March 9- Two dogs were loose in an area near 1500 S 800 W. The owner had already been cited when the dogs escaped the day before and killed some chickens at another house in the neighborhood. The dogs had again escaped and were killing chickens. One of the canines was captured and taken to a shelter, but the other returned home. Animal control officers paid the owner a visit later that day.

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