Letter from the first lady

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Dear Students,

Welcome to UVU! In another issue, you will receive a greeting from my husband, Matt (your President). I was anxious to send you one as well and so I enthusiastically welcomed this invitation from the student paper to say a few words to you at this exciting time of the start of the academic year.
Your individual decision to pursue a higher education at UVU was obviously a personal one. Maybe you have lofty career aspirations or academic ambitions such as graduate school. Perhaps you love to learn and are energized by a particular area of study. Or maybe you aren’t quite sure what you want yet, but are in hopes that time here at college can help you sort that out.
Whatever the case, I urge you to commit fully to the UVU experience.  Immerse yourself in your studies, while also enjoying the campus’s many extracurricular activities and the lively social scene. You may want to join a club, run for student office or participate in an engaged learning project. Above all, I hope you will commit now to graduate. Regardless of your reason for coming to UVU, earning a degree will greatly benefit you throughout your life.
The confidence that comes from graduating is something I want for every UVU student, including our women students. As a recent statewide study suggests, too few women in Utah are reaping the full benefits of higher education. We want to reverse that trend, and it starts with the members of this freshman class. I am thrilled that each of you has chosen to study at this remarkable institution. I hope you will make the most of it.

Paige Holland

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