Take a hike

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UVU now has a hiking club

Have you been meaning to go hiking—but have ended up playing Halo instead? Or perhaps you’re a hiking fiend, but all your friends are the aforementioned ones glued to the Xbox. Either way, UVU now has a hiking club, providing the perfect outlet for your hiking needs.

“We just want to get anyone interested in hiking outside to have some fun and socialize with other hikers,” Sofia Opmanis, the club organizer, said.

The UVU Hiking club is newly formed this year, and was created to meet the needs of all trail-philes who are looking for adventure. And in case you’re thinking “This is all well and good, but summer’s over,” think again. The club plans to embark on some winter hikes too.

“We plan on doing snowshoeing in the winter, including a snowshoe trip to Diamond Fork hot springs,” Opmanis said.

The club plans to make plenty of future excursions, but will mainly focus on the abundant hiking opportunities in the valley. Some of these places include lush Rock Canyon and the ever-looming Mt. Timpanogos.

But maybe you’re still a little self-conscious because you are not in the best shape? Not to worry; even those who may not be able to make it from the LA building to the Gunther Trades will be able to participate.

“We have two different groups — one being a beginning group, the other for experienced hikers,” Opmanis said.

Those interested should stop by the Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) in the student center to sign up for the club. There is a $5 fee for joining, but an upcoming barbecue after fall break will more than make up for that cost. The club is also planning a fundraiser at Centre Stage in the cafeteria, with some local reggae bands to accompany the event. Also, interested students should check out “The Hiking Club at UVU” Facebook group to keep up with all the current hiking excursions and events.

So whether you’re looking to heed the beckoning call of nature, or just need motivation to pull away from GROWING PAINS reruns, sign-up for the new hiking club on campus. As Opmanis says, it’s going to be an adventure.

“We’re planning to go on some sick camping trips,” Opmanis said.