Ingredients of a perfect date

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Picking the activity for a date is a situation full of questions. Where to go? What to do? What do you say? What would your date enjoy? What would you enjoy? What will your date think of you after this? The answers to these questions are vital to your future with this person, if you are to even have one. It is quite the stressful situation, but don’t give up and settle for planning mediocre dates. With the successful confluence of a few critical aspects, any date can be perfect and memorable.

When asked what the best date that he had ever been on was, UVU student Ryan Johnson responded, “Outdoor laser tag. Go to, that’s where you can set it up.” At $12 per person for play and equipment insurance plus two dollars for each obstacle, outdoor laser tag is both fun and affordable. The best part is that it can be set up wherever you want, whether it’s in your back yard or in Provo canyon. You can be as creative as you want. Those are the best dates – the creative ones.

A dinner and a movie can sometimes be nice, but not all the time and definitely not the first time. First dates need to be handled with the utmost care, especially if you are really interested and want to make a good impression. Katie Danner, a communications major, described what she desired most in dating experiences: “I want something that’s more personable and something that will force us to talk and make us come out of our shells; like, a movie isn’t good.”

The average date is not enough anymore. Single adults in college have higher expectations. The choice dating experience is one that is an overall good time and this seems to be best achieved by considering three main aspects:

• Talk time: Make sure you have a number of opportunities to converse with your date.

• Creativity: Don’t do the typical dinner and a movie. Doing something you are really interested in that is fun for your date will help them get to know you and will show them that you’re different.

• Affordability: Remember that you and your date are probably working at jobs that pay minimum wage or close to it, as well as paying all the expenses that go along with being a student.

As long as you keep these few simple components in focus, you will always have the ability to come up with the ideas for a perfect date.