Jenn’s Dusty Shelf

I didn’t know Morrissey was in The Smiths until after I owned this album. Call me backward and weird — I would agree in this instance. Morrissey’s solo work somehow strikes me as more relevant than the work produced by his epic pairing with Marr. Although his voice is probably one of the most recognizable in all of music, his days with The Smiths varied deeply from his insanely successful career as a one-man show.
The 2004 release You are the Quarry is Morrissey’s seventh solo record and touches on some of his favorite topics, the British parliament and human rights.
His politically-themed lyrics are blunt and honest, while his tone remains sensitive and vulnerable.

Morrissey’s vague sexual preference is also touched on in the album, as he writes about being both attracted to and being with men and women.

The album’s lush lyrical content has been compared to his widely heralded “Viva Hate.”


“Come Back to Camden” begins with a striking piano note, followed closely with ironic lyrics, leading in to one of the most beautifully composed masterpieces to which I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening. Morrissey describes a utopia being slightly altered by small interruptions. His vocal range is magnificent and his passionate delivery of each word can only be transfered to the listener.

Note: Morrissey’s voice is highly distinct. Listeners either love it or hate it. Try to love it. You’ll thank yourself later.

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