The Price of Beauty

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She should stick to funny tuna quotes. Photo courtesy of Flickr
She should stick to funny tuna quotes. Photo courtesy of Flickr

“Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty” debuted this season on VH1. The premise is the pop star and her friends travel the world in hopes of being enlightened on the lengths women from other countries will go for beauty.

Simpson’s journey takes her to France, Rio de Janiero, Thailand and other locations. What could have been a good premise, unveiling the beauty myths that exacerbate self-image issues within the global community and encouraging their rejection, instead  pretty much just follows Jessica Simpson and her friends on a worldwide pampering trip.

Simpson and cohorts are greeted in each country by a “beauty ambassador” and are then taken to a spa to receive that nation’s signature beauty treatments.

The only part of the show worth a damn are the interviews with women that have gone to extreme measures for beauty. The interviews are at times gripping, but with the show being completely superficial are not presented as authentically as they could be.

Jessica Simpson should not make television shows. Or music for that matter. Her Proactiv commercial testimonials have more depth than this wasted opportunity of a show.

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