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Alright, 2010 has been here for two whole months and only now is The V getting around to previewing things you should be looking forward to on TV this year. If you’ll excuse our tardiness, here are a few things that will come to fruition this blessed year.

-“Lost” Series Finale, May 23

Lost has taken some severe turns for the weird in previous seasons and now in season six, viewers will finally figure out what the hell has been going on to Oceanic flight 815 survivors. Won’t it be a cop out if the plane never crashed and it was all just some crazy alternative universe messing with Jack’s head? Well, with the way things are going, it just might be that and that would be a LAME ending to an awesome show.

-“Mad Men,” Season Four Premiere (Fall or Winter 2010? Maybe?)

Oh, Don Draper, what a sight you are for sore eyes. With the season three finale ending with an impromptu beginning of a new ad agency and Betty Draper considering divorce, season four will have plenty of shock value. But really, “Mad Men” made smoking, promiscuity and binge drinking glamourous again, and that is more than reason enough to watch.

-“Arrested Development Movie” (Might be 2010, but more likely 2011)

Michael Cera finally got off his high-horse and signed on to play George Michael Bluth to complete the eccentric family. The anticipation for this movie among fiercely loyal fans is forcing those involved with the project to strict secrecy. Some purist fans of the show are skeptical that a movie interpretation could be anything but disappointing. Let’s hope it kicks as much ass as the original show.

-“Glee” Season Premiere, April 13

OK, so this show caters to popular music that sort of sucks, but for some reason sound really good when put into show tune-esque theatrics. If you have been secretly streaming the reruns of season one and you have a crush on the nerdy teacher, you are not alone. This show’s popularity will only continue if the show’s writers maintain the use of Beyonce or Lady Gaga. I’ll be dorking it up with you.

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